Sports Flooring Professionals

Everybody wants to be a Floor Man but nobody wants to do Floor Man Sh*t


This is the second installment in this series. We are unapologetically flooring people – and SPECifically sports flooring professionals. I have been in flooring for over thirty years and sports flooring for over twenty – not just as a business professional, as an installer and technical resource to architects, general contractors, owners of facilities, strength equipment suppliers, and other flooring tradesmen.

Blame it on the big box do-it-yourself stores and the internet. We’ve become convinced that with YouTube videos and a little help from the guy at Home Depot, we can do anything. But to get the best products, a quality installation done on time and on budget, a sport flooring professional will help you get there.


First off, a performance sport flooring professional will know how to interact with and respond to the construction community. They will help navigate the project flow with your architect and general contractor. This is important and will save you TIME, MONEY, and HEADACHES.

Whether you are building a brand-new building or remodeling an existing space, a sport flooring professional with construction experience is the best choice.


This becomes more important when you are including inlaid platforms and other design elements in your project. A performance flooring professional will provide shop drawings for the Equipment supplier and work with them to accomplish the goals for the Strength and Conditioning coach.


A sport flooring professional will have access to the best suppliers and manufacturers available, and should offer the best warranty. Buying products from the internet or from a local flooring store that “has rubber” can be a risky proposition. Know who you are dealing with.


This should go without saying. Does the company you are dealing with have the ability and willingness to handle repairs to your floor? Even though it rubber and seems indestructible, things happen and need to be repaired well and in a timely fashion.  A sports flooring professional will be there for you throughout the lifetime of the floor to ensure the best possible environment for your athletes to train.

If you have a project that needs a sports flooring professional, please feel free to contact us.  SPEC athletic is your sports flooring resource.

The 3 Benefits of Inlaid Platforms

Inlaid Platofrms
Benefit of Inlaid platforms

The 3 Benefits of Inlaid Platforms

The Aktiv weightlifting platform has been a staple at most private and university fitness centers. They provide a surface to preform a variety of Olympic lifts.  These lifts like the clean and jerk, snatch, and deadlift all require the athlete to drop the weights.  This impact requires a stable base to protect the lifter and the sub-floor.  A relatively new process of inlaying the platforms to sit even with the surrounding floors has sprung up in weight rooms across the world.  These are the 3 benefits of inlaid platforms.

1. Promotes Safety –

Inlaid platforms remove the change in elevation of the floors.  This reduces a lot of risk associated with raised platforms.  The inlaid platform removes the tripping hazard posed by raised platforms.  Also it removes the hazard of an accidental misstep off the platform after a lift. Injuries caused by these circumstance are avoidable with the installation of inlaid platforms. All athletes want to achieve their best and injuries can prevent them from continuing their training.

2. Easier to Clean –

Cleaning raised platforms required fitness center staff to treat it like a piece of equipment because it couldn’t be mopped with the rest of the floor. This added more labor time on to their routine. The inlaid platforms can be cleaned with the rest of the floor, removing the platform and the labor time associated with it. This allows fitness center staff the freedom to keep up with maintenance on their floors and equipment without extra hassle.

3. Allows for More Training Space –

Raised platforms create an exclusive Olympic lifting space in your gym. The benefit of aktiv inlaid platforms is that it frees up the space to perform any activity. The inlaid platforms eliminate the tripping hazards associated with raised platforms and that open space can be utilized for multiple activities. These activities include sprints, lunges, farmer walks, and other workouts that require you to move a distance.