Saint John’s Jesuit

  • Saint John's Jesuit Weight Room
    Saint John's Jesuit Weight Room


Project: St. John’s Jesuit High School

Location: Toledo, OH

Installed: 3,600 sqft of AktivPRO tile with AktivPRO roll inlaid platforms and 1,800 sqft of Aktiv Roll

Installer: SPEC Athletics

St. John’s Jesuit wanted to totally rehabilitate their weight room facility with new equipment and a first class, performance flooring system.  They looked to SPEC Athletic for 3,600 square feet of AktivPRO Tile with AktivPRO Roll inlaid platforms for their weight lifting area and 1,800 square feet of Aktiv Roll for their cardio area.  What they got was a beautiful and durable floor system that will withstand the labor of Titan athletes.

St. John’s Jesuit had vulcanized rubber flooring for years. Vulcanized floor notoriously dent in the impact areas and become hard to clean. That is what happened at St. John’s, so they installed black recycled rubber over their existing flooring in the dumbbell pit to protect it and to ease the impact from dropping dumbbells from the bench.  SPEC installed our Aktiv Weight Room system right over the existing rubber, so there was no need for the school to pay for removal and disposal of the old flooring. SPEC then installed Regupol’s 12” wide ADA ramps between the cardio area and the weight room to make a smooth transition from the 8mm Aktiv flooring up to the 1” weight room flooring.

Aktiv Pro Tile gave St. John’s the performance they wanted, but the tiles would break up the graphic that they chose for the inlays. The solution was to install Aktiv Pro Roll inlays with Crash drop zones. This gave them superior performance and a professional, seamless appearance.

Here at SPEC Athletics, we know what it takes to be a great athlete.  Hard work, dedication, and a support system to help motivate.  St. Johns Jesuit High School has provided their athletes with a unique space to put in the work, dedicate themselves, and grow with their support system.  All athletes deserve that opportunity.  Contact SPEC Athletic or call (815) 254-4414 to learn more about providing your athletes with the best in athletic flooring.