Performance Running Track Surfaces

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Running Track

When your running track athletes are expected to perform at their max potential they need to have the support of their coaches, their team, AND the surface they train on.  Regupol America tracks are the best tracks an athlete can train on by supporting joint and muscle health, reducing impact force preventing injury, and better surface stability and traction.  These tracks were built for champions.  Usain Bolt beat the world record in 2012 on Regupol America Tracks.

The Right Choice for Your Athletes

SPEC Athletic takes pride in their installation of these amazing tracks.  Whether you are a public or private school, university, college, fitness facility, or organizations, SPEC Athletics can provide a track solution that meets the needs of your facility and athletes that use them. Running Tracks by Regupol American are recognized as the best, and it is what your athletes deserve.

If you are looking for a track that can provide your athletes with a surface that will keep them safe and allow them to grow to their max potential, Contact Us to find out more.