Reasons to Hire a Sports Flooring Professional #4: PRODUCT QUALITY

Sports Flooring Professionals

Everybody Wants to be a Floor Man Until it’s Time to Do Floor Man Sh*t!

This is the fourth installment in this series, so keep reading. If you missed the first three articles #1 Product Choice, #2 The Construction Environment , or #3 Design Options .




I intended this to be the last article in this series and I have found myself hung up on the topic of quality. I’ve been around to block once or twice in my life – currently pushing 60 years old with about 35 years in the flooring business. Quality comes down to product and people. What did you buy and who did you buy it from? In construction, this takes on a different aspect than buying retail goods. In construction, there is some agent in between what was manufactured and what was delivered. What was manufactured in a plant somewhere must be installed and serviced. I’ve seen great products installed poorly. I’ve seen great installations of mediocre products that served their purpose very well for a long time.


Since I am in the sports flooring business and we install a lot of rubber, I started writing this article with the intent of discussing binder quality and raw materials – why not buying quality materials will have your facility smelling like a tire store forever, and cause premature degradation of the material. Then I was going to talk about why having a sole source for raw materials was important and how that affects the overall strength of the rubber, and consequently the performance of you weight room rubber under stress. Then I was going to talk about subcontractors and installers and how to spot the good ones. But all that would be boring as hell and is better discussed over a beer or bourbon someplace.

Just be aware that there is a difference between the good and the bad in sports flooring like everything else. Your sport flooring professional WILL deliver you the best products, service, and value. The better manufacturers will generally gravitate toward the better companies that consistently deliver the best service and honestly represent their products. Better manufacturers sell tons (literally) of product, making their quality products cost less than lesser products that may sell for more. It’s an economics equation.

You might also look at how many middlemen are in the way between what you bought and where it was made. The better contractors are generally buying direct from the manufacturer. This is key when it comes to warranty issues. A direct relationship with the manufacturer is also important when troubleshooting the installation as they can respond more readily to real-time issues rather than go to a contractor who calls the store that calls a rep that may be available to call the plant.


Sports flooring professionals WILL be tracking with the best flooring installation crews that do this all the time. That makes a difference. Installers that do sports flooring all the time become very efficient at the process and will deliver flooring projects timelier, more effortlessly, more safely, and better than somebody who does it rarely. And it does not matter if the installer is an employee or a subcontractor. Most of the best sports flooring installers are subs, but that topic is better left to more happy hour discussions and floor-war stories.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. This quote has been attributed to Warren Buffet, but you know…the internet can be sketchy sometimes. It’s still the right sentiment for this article. I hope that when you buy your performance weight room flooring you get more than what you paid for. That’s good value. The best way to start is to locate, listen to, and hire a sports flooring professional.

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