Sports Flooring Professionals

Everybody wants to be a Floor Man but nobody wants to do Floor Man Sh*t


Does the guy you are interviewing to partner with to do the flooring for your project offer you a lot of design options? Is he capable of answering the unique challenges of your training environment and your building?  Let’s explain.

A lot of flooring outlets (online and otherwise) will offer the same rolled rubber in several thicknesses (1/4”, 3/8” and ½”) and a few colors (white fleck, gray fleck, blue fleck, etc), and they call this giving you design options. If you feel like you have a “cookie cutter” facility with no identity or character, this might work for you.  In today’s training environment, almost everyone is now trying to open their space up by getting rid of their raised platforms and installing “inlaid platforms” with school/club graphics. That is now the most common request we hear, but here are some requests I have had that made me proud to be a sports flooring professional.

Questions only a SPORTS FLOORING PROFESSIONAL can answer –

  • We are concerned about seams. How many seams will I have?
  • We are building (or now have) a weight room over a suspended slab and are concerned about structural stability, vibration, and sound. What do we do?
  • We want a floor that meets a certain low GMax rating for a functional fitness room. What can you do?
  • My existing floor has asbestos and I can’t afford to have it abated, is there any other options?
  • I have a combination phys ed or multipurpose room and performance weight room. Do you have more than rolled rubber?
  • I want to push sleds and keep my space open to accommodate more kids, is there a design that can offer me this?

These are not issues that can be answered by most local flooring stores, or even some companies who claim to know sports applications.

Design options

Design options will be available and affordable only from a capable supplier who understands, and can address, your needs.

  • Do they offer custom colors? How many standard colors are available?
  • Will they offer you shop drawings so you and your staff can see what your facility will look like when completed?
  • Do they offer custom roll lengths to minimized the seams in your room?
  • How many of the design questions above can they answer?

If you feel that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer for your training facility project, hire a sport flooring professional to assist you.  A S&C coaches goal is to effectively train the most athletes in the least amount of time in the space they are allotted. The design of your facility is key to accomplish this. On top of that, your athletic facilities brand your program.  The athletes you train, the recruits that tour the facility, the identity of the program itself are all going to be influenced by the athletic facilities.

If you have a project that needs a sports flooring professional, please feel free to contact us.  SPEC athletic is your sports flooring resource.