Pettit Ice Center

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Area: 17,000 sq. ft.

Installation: SPEC Athletic, Inc.

The Pettit National Ice Center is an official U.S. Olympic speed skating training site. This fitness facility encompasses more than just speed skating though. They needed a new indoor 443 meter run/walk track to surround the speed skating and ice hockey oval. The older track system had become hardened from use and many of the facilities athletes and runners began to reduce their activity on the track due to discomfort.

SPEC Athletic heeded the call and gave them a wider, more cushioned training track by installing Regupol Kombi multipurpose system. The Kombi system offers better durability, shock-absorption, and ease of maintenance. The athletes had a positive response to the track. After a harsh winter there was an 81% increase in revenue from use of the track.

This was all made possible by the Badgerland Striders, a non-profit running club at the Pettit National Ice Center. The club organizes the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. The Milwaukee Mustangs Track Club and runners from multiple collegiate teams also use the track. One of the largest annual indoor marathons is also held on the track, called the Icebreaker Marathon.

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