Iowa State Olsen Building

  • Iowa State Agility Field

Project: Iowa State Olsen Building

Location: Ames, Iowa

Area: 6,000 sq/ft Aktiv Pro roll, 10 Inlaid Platforms, Grass Tex Turf Agility Field

Installation: Spec Athletic

Iowa State had already chosen Regupol® AktivPro™ for their Football Operations Facility and wanted the same durable performance in the Olsen Building where all the Olympic sports teams train including track, volleyball, baseball, etc. Regupol Aktiv Pro Roll is a solid and dependable flooring option for any weight room.  Regupol has designed Aktiv to withstand the heavy weights and traffic that is to be expected by a Big 12 athletic team.  The Cyclones are rebuilding a name with what they know best, hard work.  They know what they need to do to and SPEC athletic was here to help them.

Regupol AktivPro Roll consists of 100% post-consumer recycled tire rubber.  This Green Circle Certified  solution provides the superior performance required in a performance weight room. The spirit of the Cyclones is seen right on the floor as these Division I athletes grind their way to greatness.

Iowa State also wanted an indoor Turf Agility Field to allow their athletes to train not just strength, but speed and agility.  SPEC installed an indoor Turf Agility Field to give the Cyclones a place to do vertical jump drills and other exercises not typically done in the weight room.  The turf field has a Gmax rating of less than 100, making it incredibly resilient.  This allows for more diverse and safe training programs.  This gives Iowa State a comprehensive facility for building a stronger, faster, and tougher team.  A team of Champions.

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