Cincinnati Bengals Weight Room

  • Cincinnati Bengals Weight Room
    Cincinnati Bengals Weight Room

Project: Cincinnati Bengals Weight Room

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Installed: 7,000 sqft of AktivPRO roll with inlaid wood platforms and 1,500 sqft of Aktiv Roll

Installer: SPEC Athletics

The installation for the Cincinnati Bengals included over 7,000sf of Aktiv Pro Roll 1.25” Flooring with inlaid wood platforms and 1500 sf of Aktiv in the cardio suite.  The Bengals wanted inlaid platforms to take advantage of all the available training space in their facility. Integrated into the weight room flooring was an 800 sf area using the Plyo Mat or Plyo underlayment. Plyometrics is used in both strength, speed, agility training. It incorporates jumps, lunges and pushups with little or no weight to train muscles to react faster and be more explosive. The Plyo underlayment enhances these workouts by providing a softer landing area for this training space.  The Plyo mat has a Gmax rating of less than 80.  This is not an accessory, but is built into the floor exactly where the coach wanted it to make the best use of his training space.

Here at SPEC Athletics, we know what it takes to be a great athlete.  Hard work, dedication, and a support system to help motivate.  The Cincinnati Bengals has provided their elite football players with a unique space to put in the work, dedicate themselves, and grow with their support system.  All athletes deserve that opportunity.  Contact SPEC Athletic or call (815) 254-4414 to learn more about providing your athletes with the best in athletic flooring.