Importance of a Logo

Importance of Logos; Building a Brand

A Logo is a symbol or design that represents an organization of any kind. It can be used to represent products, services or different schools. People associate a logo with the organizations brand, and what they stand for. When a person views a Logo, they immediately connect it with the organization. Every time they see that specific logo, they think about what the organization has to offer, good or bad. This is why it is so important to have a well thought out logo that properly represents your respected organization.

Text vs. Visual Logo

Colleges around the world use Logo’s to represent their student body, academics, and sports teams. There are typically two types of Logo’s, Visual and Text. Schools such as Ole Miss, Arizona, and Alabama all have a form of text incorporated within their logo. A study done by the Journal of Business Research states that “Text Logo’s” have a lesser effect on customer than “Visual Logo’s”. The creativeness is what draws people to a more visual logo, and causes them to establish an emotional connection. When people see these Visual Logos, it triggers them to think about what experiences they have had with that specific organization. Depending on what emotions they feel can represent how the organization has branded itself to the public. Branding is a great part in what makes colleges reputable, and that is why Spec Athletic takes installing logos so seriously.

Below are some Logo examples that Spec Athletic has done over the past few years. 

waukee HS inlaid platforms weight room
Waukee High School Weight Room Logo
Vista HS Logo
University of Cincinnati Logo


Spec Athletic Logo’s

Spec Athletic realizes the importance of logos and branding, which is why we take pride in the logos we create. Every college takes pride in their logo, because that’s what represents them. When we replicate a logo, there are a number of different steps that need to be taken to ensure that it comes out as planned. A series of intricate cuts are made into our rubber flooring, then replaced with a paint based adhesive which brings the piece to life. Spec has completed many big name collegiate and professional training facilities which include the Cincinnati Bengals, Iowa State University and the Cincinnati Bearcats. All of which have their logo on the inlaid platforms we installed for them. The logo is in the center of the platform for athletes to remember what they are working so hard for. Representing a school by playing a sport is a great accomplishment, and the logos are there to remind them of that.

For more information and pictures of logos we have completed in the past, follow the link below!

Spec Athletic: Flooring Gallery

MSU Weightroom Finished Photos

  • MSU Football Weight Room Flooring
    MSU Football Weight Room Flooring

Michigan State Spartans Weightroom.

It is nice to see the completed project. SPEC takes pride in contributing to projects from the ground up.

Fun and Rewarding Kombi Install for the Pettit National Ice Center

One of the most fun and rewarding installs we have done so far was to upgrade and install a Kombi running track at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, WI.  This track was helped to get under way by funding from an amazing running organization/team called the Badgerland Striders.  It is so nice to see a community pitching in and working together to be able to have such a high quality indoor running track that will be used for indoor marathons.

After the install there was a special ribbon cutting event for the new track and a few nice articles about it.  It is very rewarding to see our work enjoyed by so many.  Please take a look at the link below for some information on the new Regupol Kombi track: