Brush High School

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    Brush HS Before
  • Inlaid Platforms
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Brush High School

Location: Lyndhurst, OH

Installed: Aktiv Pro Roll, 12 Aktiv Pro Roll inlaid platforms with custom logos

Installer: SPEC Athletic

Brush High School re-purposed their auto shop into a first class performance weight and training room. Many schools that are cramped for space, but need performance training facilities, are remodeling their buildings to accommodate their growing athletic and physical education programs.  Brush wanted a facility that would reflect their team image with customized inlaid platforms.  This re-purposing of the auto shop was a new challenge but SPEC delivered with a professional and functional weight room and training facility.

First, all the hydraulic lifts had to be removed. Then SPEC shot blasted the concrete to control oil migration and remove stains that would inhibit adhesion of the new flooring.  The trench drains were filled and the floor leveled.  Once the surface was prepared, SPEC installed the Aktiv Pro Roll 1” flooring in “Brown Bomber” (Tone Series color).  Brush wanted platforms that could withstand heavy lifting of their athletic teams.  Traditional raised platforms cause tripping and fall hazards, restrict valuable training space, are more costly to install, and have to be periodically maintained.  SPEC solved this problem with the 12 Aktiv Pro Roll inlaid platforms.  These inlaid platforms create a flat surface which solve all the concerns with traditional raised platforms. The 1” thick flooring is also softer under foot which lessens body fatigue for the coaches who train and teach for several hours a day. The logos are waterjet cut from 100% EPDM Aktiv rubber in school colors for durability and crisp appearance.

Finally, SPEC installed a sprint track in “Grizzly Brown” (Intense Series color) that allows for agility drills and other sport specific exercises.  Training ladders, dot drills, and track lines were painted with permanent polyurethane coating.  Aktiv 3/8” rolled rubber was installed on the mezzanine cardio area above the weight room.

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